Monday, June 1, 2009

Why did we ever buy it!!?

I remember life before the xbox. It was a quiet, peaceful time...well quietER - I do have 2 boys 3 years apart and peaceful might be stretching it a bit...maybe.

I hate the thing.....oooh that felt good! I've twittered about destroying it...tying it to the back of my car and taking a couple of spins around the block. Watching it in the rear view mirror as it bounces off the curb, bits flying everywhere......a girl can dream.

At the very least, I think a hammer (such as the lovely one shown here - it has a nice balance and weight to it) should be included in the accessories for the xbox. I mean it's gonna happen eventually - why make me go look for the one buried in the garage somewhere. I could prop it up right beside the damn thing as incentive. Maybe put a plaque underneath that says "in case of excessive fighting, grab and start pounding the ever loving crap out of box - pound until there is nothing left and then pound some more"

What I probably need to do is start an Internet support group for mothers who live with xboxmania - we could get it diagnosed as a real disorder and get some serious medication to help us through the days. You know, the kids come and tell you they want to play xbox - you say, "okay honey" and wolf down half a bottle of Valium.

This could be my life's work - a way of giving back to the human race...mothers and fathers everywhere could benefit. I'll keep you posted on the future website to be

Keep your hammers at the ready ladies!!!