Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fairy Sketch

Thought I'd throw this sketch up...not sure where I'm going with it..we'll see.

I started a few projects but then with my usual brilliance...sliced my finger open with an exacto knife while I was packaging some art to send off...I wonder if they'll notice the blood on the package - maybe they'll assume I truly suffer for my art ( I didn't really send it with blood on it). I did go to the doc and I remember telling her I'd rather give birth to a third child right there and then, than have her poke at it....hurt like a b#tch!!

So finger is healing nicely and I'm back in the saddle again...drawing and painting. It's worth a mention that I had to keep the cut dry...sooooo, no dish washing for me - much to my sons horror!!

Now don't leave me a bunch of pity comments about my booboo...I have survived and milked this puppy for all it's worth...did I mention the tetanus shot??????

Moving on......maybe I'll post this one when it's done and.......maybe I won't.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely!! She is such a beauty!! a gorgeous magical feel to her spirit and energy! Love it!

    Oh..hope your finger is aok! ouch!
    Goreous is lovely to meet you..yay i am in Ontario cool is that!!
    Happy creating and great to meet a fellow self-taught artist! yay!