Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back In The Saddle

Okay.........it's been ages since I've posted...babies have been born, buildings have been built..yada,yada,yada..

Anyhooo this is my latest project...it's a drawing of a fairy..don't cha know. I am really enjoying this subject matter.  I love fantasy art and there are so many that do it better than I...but like I said, I'm having fun. A few seem to sell along the way which is always a good thing. I've done a few commission pieces since my last post, so it's not like I've totally deserted my paint brush.

I think I might keep this one going on my blog as a WIP...we'll see.

I've been keeping up with everyone else's work that I follow on line, and I must say some lovely work is going on.

Christmas was great....got both my boys cell phones. You should have seen the "look of stupid" on their faces when their Dad and I had the phones ring under the tree while they were still wrapped! Priceless!!!

Hubby takes off to Barbados on New Years day to see his family for a couple of weeks. It won't be that great a visit as he will be seeing his nephew for probably the last time. His nephew was diagnosed with ALS a year and a half ago....so sad. He is in good spirits though and seeing his fav Uncle will be good medicine. 

So...I went back to work at my parttime job today...it's in retail...at a very well known Canadian department store....and let me just say, the "good will shine" has officially come off the holidays!!!! Fiesty shoppers out there people ...needing some drugs or alcohol or both!!!

I'll sign off on this post and hopefully get another pic up with this piece of art further along...and remember shoppers....there is no death in retail...at least not yet!!! ;=)


  1. WOW, I thought you died! Nice to have you back :)

  2. Awwww, gee Mama...now I'm feelin' all warm and fuzzy!!!